API Helps Code the Perfect Gift Search App

Spring is here! Have you done your holiday shopping yet? What better time to start than now? Better yet, what better time to start building a better way to shop for gifts this holiday season? The API gives developers access to its “industry-leading” gift shopping engine. It better be industry leading too, because there’s a lot of competition in this space!  ProgrammableWeb documents 677 shopping mashups, so if you are vying for someone to use your particular gift search system you better be classy.

Being classy, or catchy, or defining the style of your own gift application is just what this RESTful API allows you to do.  You can work in XML, JSON, or even JSONP if that’s the way you like it.  A few particularly nice data points in the responses are the price range of products in your result set, both popularity and relevance ratings for each individual product, and your choice of three product image sizes.’s API uses personality archetypes and age categories to make its recommendations.  Shopping for a guys’ guy or a geek?  A trendanista who just graduated college or who’s just retired?  Answering those questions are how gets the ball rolling for the gift hunter.  The API is being enhanced as we speak.  This is what has to say about the upcoming changes:

"Developer’s are currently able to search hand-selected gift recommendations by recipient, category and/or keyword.  Over the next several weeks, new service endpoints will be added, which define the products’ price, the personality of the intended gift recipient as well as the gifting occasion, including birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many more."

There may be a lot of shopping mashups, but there are only five tagged 'gifts.' The API becomes only the second gifts API.

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