GitHub’s Platform Update Includes Early Access to GitHub GraphQL API

GitHub announced a Platform update at the 2016 GitHub Universe conference held in San Francisco this week. The update includes a number of improvements including early access to the GitHub GraphQL API. GraphQL is a Query Language created by Facebook in 2012 and a runtime for executing those queries with existing code and data. GitHub is making the GitHub API available through GraphQL so that developers can access the data they need using one API call.

Image Credit: GitHub

The GitHub platform update includes a number of improvements such as the introduction of Projects, availability of Reviews on all pull requests, early access to Integrations, and early access to the GitHub GraphQL API.

Projects is a feature that helps GitHub users organize, prioritize, and distribute their work. Users can create customized workflows and add project management capabilities to the development process using the Projects feature. Reviews are now available on all GitHub pull requests making it possible for users to formally approve pull requests and request changes to pull requests. The GitHub update includes early access to Integrations, a new feature that can be used to extend GitHub and includes granular permissions and built-in Webhooks.

Developers can now access the data they need using one API call thanks to the addition of GraphQL support. GitHub is using GraphQL to power the UI of the Projects feature and as a simplified means for developers to access the GitHub API.

The announcement post published on the GitHub Engineering Blog states that “The move to GraphQL marks a larger shift in our Platform strategy to be more transparent and more flexible. Over the next year, we’re going to keep iterating on our schema to bring it out of Early Access and into a wider production readiness.”

For more information about the GitHub GraphQL API, visit the GitHub Engineering Blog.

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