GitHub Adds CI/CD Support to Actions API

Last year, GitHub introduced its Actions API. Actions allow developers to orchestrate workflows based on events. After consistent developer feedback, GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD. CI/CD support is in beta and scheduled to be generally available on November 13.

CI/CD in Actions is built for any OS, any language, and any cloud. Regardless of OS, Framework or language, users can easily test services and databases in tandem with the addition of 'docker-compose' to the applicable workflow file. Developers can also test multiple versions in parallel through matrixed Builds.

A live logs feature provides users with feedback as they run tests and builds in GitHub Actions. Logs are streamed to the Actions console for review and response in real-time. Logs are formatted for accessible reading, including emoji options.

Actions and workflows can be used and reused just like code. This provides seamless access to test and build new projects with the same Actions from previous projects. Actions syntax is based on YAML for clean and simple use. Actions are free for public repositories and pricing is 'pay as you go' for private repositories.

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