Github Adds Features to Atom to Support Easier Code Review

In an effort to improve the pull request review experience for developers using open-source text editor Atom, GitHub has announced that Atom 1.37 beta will allow developers to review and resolve comments in an in-editor dock.

According to GitHub, "This dock provides seamless navigation between comments and code or text, so you can easily make changes in response to feedback." The dock supports the display of diff formatting, expansion and collapsing of comments, line highlighting and gutter icons, and the ability to checkout a pull request Branch and refresh comments. Some features require developers to be signed into GitHub for Atom.

Atom was developed by GitHub and initially released in 2014. GitHub bills it as a "a hackable text editor for the 21st century." It was previously capable of being used as an IDE, but that functionality was retired late last year when Facebook, which developed IDE support, decided to end its Atom IDE efforts. At the time, GitHub reassured users that it remained committed to the development of the editor.

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