GitHub Adds New Features to Help Speed Up Code Reviews

GitHub has added several new features to the Platform to help make code reviews faster and more flexible for developers and development teams. The new code review features include pull request files list, commits list, comments with deeper context, and timeline indicator. GitHub has released several new features and tools within the past few months including GitHub Scientist 1.0, a tool that helps developers rewrite critical code, and GitHub Enterprise 2.5 which includes updates that help growing teams.

Image Credit: GitHub

GitHub has added a new pull requests files list feature that allows users to search by extensions such as .html or filter pull requests by file name. The new commits list is displayed in the review bar to help users quickly find the commit that needs to be reviewed. Pagination and keyboard shortcuts have also been added to make it easier to navigate through the commits of pull requests.

GitHub has added a new feature that allows deeper context to be added to any comment. This feature is helpful in that it makes sure conversations and accompanying diffs remain available to view regardless of whether or not the diff is outdated due to newer changes. The new timeline indicator feature makes it possible for users to view only the new changes of a pull request (after it has been reviewed). The timeline indicator basically allows users to “pick up where they left off” when it comes to code reviews.

These new features should help make the code review process on GitHub faster and more efficient for developers and development teams.

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