GitHub Adds to its Developer Tool Portfolio

GitHub just announced a number of new tools to help developers build more effectively. Highlights include a production ready version of the GitHub GraphQL API, the GitHub Marketplace, and GitHub apps. GitHub sees the additions as enhancements to launches made at GitHub Universe 2016.

GitHub has now moved to the fourth version of its API. For v4, it is transitioning to a production ready version of the GitHub GraphQL API. The GraphQL API is more flexible for the many developers looking to integrate the API. The endpoints available allow developers to pinpoint the exact data desired. From a data perspective, the v4 endpoints have a sizable advantage over legacy, v3 options. GraphQL addresses API building and querying from a new perspective. Instead of multiple requests for the data required, a single call can pull the targeted information. Check out GitHub's guides to learn more.

The GitHub Marketplace represents a single shop for developers to find tools to improve workflows. A number of integrators have already published apps in the marketplace including Travis CI, Appveyor, Waffle, ZenHub, Sentry, Codacy, and more. Whether you are looking to automate code quality testing, improve integration, monitor your API through builds and changes, or manage projects; GitHub Marketplace should have an app to suit your development needs.

Finally, GitHub has announced GitHub Apps. GitHub Apps was formerly known as Integrations, and has now moved out of pre-release with its new name. GitHub Apps works directly through the API with granular permissions, so integrating is simple. Check out the site to learn about building integrations with GitHub Apps.

In addition to the new product offerings, GitHub also announced a number of platform updates. Updates include new Git and GitHub integration for Atom, a new GitHub Desktop Beta (building on Electron), and more. Check out all the updates here

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