GitHub Adds Two New Methods to Releases API

GitHub has announced the launch of 2 new methods to the Releases API. These give users more options while allowing them to target specific releases.

The first addition is the ability to get the latest published release for a repository. This uses the command:

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/releases/latest

Secondly, users can also get a release by tag name. However, users must have push access to the repository to view draft releases. To get a release by tag name, use the command:

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/releases/tags/:tag

Launched in July of 2013, the Releases API has been a popular workflow tool, helping developers distribute the latest versions of their software to end users, while also allowing them to define releases explicitly.

It has also made it easier for users to quickly target exact releases, such as searching for a specific version of an app, JavaScript plugin, or any other content on GitHub.

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