GitHub Announces the Acquisition of JavaScript Package Manager npm

GitHub today announced plans to purchase JavaScript package manager npm and noted that they plan to keep the Resource free and available. Additionally, GitHub expressed intent to invest in npm's registry infrastructure, improve the developer experience, and help foster community growth.

npm, the default package manager for Node.js, includes an open-source database of public and private JavaScript packages that are frequently relied upon by developers. An investment in this registry’s infrastructure was one of the first things mentioned in GitHub’s announcement of the acquisition, noting the intent to ensure that “npm is fast, reliable, and scalable.” GitHub also plans to improve the usability of the Platform by adding support for “workspaces”, improving security, and enhancing the registry’s publishing systems.

All of these efforts appear to be just the start, with the announcement stating that:

“Looking further ahead, we’ll integrate GitHub and npm to improve the security of the open-source software supply chain, and enable you to trace a change from a GitHub pull request to the npm package version that fixed it.”

Additionally, the announcement highlighted continued support for users who are currently paying for npm Pro, Teams, and Enterprise.

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