GitHub Announces Android Mobile Beta Application

Back in 2019 at GitHub Universe, GitHub announced GitHub for mobile, beginning with a beta iOS app that was available immediately following the announcement. The company is now following up on the promise of a fully-native Android experience with GitHub for Android being announced today.

With the development of native mobile applications, GitHub is acknowledging that developers require a sophisticated mobile experience that allows them to stay in touch with their teams while on the go. The application announcement highlights the ability to quickly share feedback on design discussions and review code as tasks that benefit from inclusion in a mobile application.

Dark mode support for Android

GitHub for mobile is designed to run on Android 5.1 or later and benefits from native design with the inclusion of support for multiple screen sizes and dark mode. Developers that had already joined the beta waitlist should have received an email notification of this announcement. If you have not yet joined the waitlist and want to, you can do that here. Beta testing spots are limited so make sure to sign up ASAP. 

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