GitHub Announces Beta Release of Actions API

Last week GitHub announced the beta release of the GitHub Actions API. Today, the company is expanding the availability of the API to include all repositories. Additionally, GitHub provided us with a little more detail on the API’s benefits to users.

GitHub Actions is a service that enables developers to automate workflows on the Platform. The company states that “Whether you want to build a Container, deploy a Web Service, or automate welcoming new users to your open source projects—there's an action for that.” With the addition of the new API GitHub is expanding the ways that developers can program these workflows.

GitHub highlighted several new important additions to the API, including that users can now query detailed information about the overall success or failure of a workflow run or job. Workflow runs are individual instances of actions performed when a pre-configured event occurs. Jobs, on the other hand, are a task that is made up of several steps. Developers can use the information on runs and jobs to analyze their efficacy.

The Actions API also allows developers to automate secret management for their repositories. The company hopes that this will improve security and encourage adherence to best practices like secret rotation.

It is worth noting that while GitHub refers to this tool as the Actions API, it is more accurately a Resource on the GitHub REST API v3. Documentation for V3 of the REST API can be found here and are a helpful resource for working with Google Actions. 

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