GitHub Announces Unlimited Free Private Repos

GitHub today announced that it will provide users with free access to an unlimited amount of private repositories, the only restriction being a limit of 3 collaborators per repository. The company also announced the unification of key enterprise products, with the intention of providing increased flexibility for users choosing between cloud and self-hosted configurations.

With the recent acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft, ProgrammableWeb published a story noting how the developer community was responding to the news, with some voicing concern for the future of the platform. Today’s news has to be seen as a good sign, with GitHub saying they hope that free private repositories aid developers looking to use the platform to, “apply for a job, work on a side project, or try something out in private before releasing it publicly.” Important to note that public repositories have been, and still are, free with unlimited collaborators.

GitHub Enterprise is the new unified product encompassing what were previously GitHub Business Cloud and GitHub Enterprise. Those two products respectively are now named Enterprise Cloud and Enterprise Server. The company also provides GitHub Connect, allowing these products to be securely linked so that developers can take advantage of a hybrid option. 

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