GitHub CLI 1.0 has Shifted to General Availability

GitHub CLI 1.0 is now generally available. The goal of GitHub CLI is to bring GitHub to the terminal. It has been in beta release since earlier this year, and developers have tested it to the tune of 250,000 pull requests.  

The company gave a core feature overview in a blog post announcement:

  • Run your entire GitHub workflow from the terminal, from issues through releases
  • Call the GitHub API to script nearly any action, and set a custom alias for any command
  • Connect to GitHub Enterprise Server in addition to

Between beta release and general release, GitHub added a number of features as a result of user requests:

While v1.0 is now officially available, GitHub already has plans for future enhancements. For instance, GitHub plans on adding support for editing issues and pull requests as well as adding comments. If you have specific suggestions, GitHub encourages feedback and contributions.

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