GitHub Integrates its Checks API with Pages

GitHub has announced that it has integrated the GitHub Checks API with GitHub Pages. The goal of the Integration is to avoid the wait time historically associated with communicating build statuses when the GitHub Statuses API was the primary way of delivering such communication. In the Statuses world, developers had to wait for an email notification that provided troubleshooting information.

Now that the Checks API is integrated with Pages, developers can check on status as they build their code. Developers click on a status indicator to reveal the status of the checks. The details option allows the developer to see the runs that were made, and how any issues are broken up by category. Developers can easily see if an error was a syntax error, typo, or otherwise.

Additionally, developers don't need to assume their build has successfully deployed. Instead, the Page integration will alert the developer that deployment was successful and that the cache has been cleared. Developers have options to re-run checks as needed.

The goal for this integration is better end-to-end developer experience. GitHub wants developers to discover and fix Pages Builds as they go through the process, instead of being bombarded at the end. GitHub will continue rolling out the integration in the coming days. Current GitHub Pages users will automatically have their builds checked with the integration. Check out the production documentation for more information.

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