GitHub Launches Atom-IDE

GitHub, in collaboration with Facebook, has announced the launch of Atom-IDE, a new set of optional packages that allow its open source "hackable text editor" Atom to function similar to an IDE. The company recommends that developers use Atom Beta 1.21, and a minimum of two packages must be installed; the Atom IDE UI and a package that supports the language preferred. At the time of this writing available language packages include Flow (ide-flowtype), C# (ide-csharp), Java (ide-java), PHP (ide-php), and TypeScript & JavaScript (ide-typescript).

GitHub states in the announcement post that the company, with the help of the community, would like to expand the number of languages supported by Atom-IDE in the future, for example Rust, Go, and Python. The company would also like to see Atom-IDE become a full-fledged IDE that can run and edit applications.

Coinciding with the launch of Atom-IDE, Nuclide, an IDE released by Facebook as open source back in 2015, has announced the release of its new Atom IDE UI package which is designed to work out-of-the-box with packages using atom-languageclient. Atom IDE UI package comes with the following features including (but not limited to) diagnostics, find references, code formatting, code highlight, and outline view.

Nuclide plans on adding more features such as code lenses, rename support, and function signature help to Atom IDE UI. These features are available in the language service protocol. The Atom IDE UI utilizes a subset of code features from Nuclide so that the atom-languageclient library can display features supported by the language server protocol.

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