GitHub Launches Preview of Organization Membership APIs

GitHub recently opened preview access to its Organization Membership APIs. The preview is a combination of new endpoints and changes to existing endpoints that allow users to better administer GitHub organizations and repositories. During the preview, GitHub may make changes to API methods based on developer feedback. Any such changes will be announced on the GitHub developer blog.

New endpoints include user permission level review, list of outside collaborators, outside collaborator removal, member to outside collaborator conversion, pending organization invitations list, and pending team invitations list. The default_repository_permission and members_can_create_repositories settings for a particular organization can now be set and retrieved through the Get an organization and Edit an organization endpoints. The Create team endpoint now includes a maintainers parameter which allows users to add team maintainers. The List collaborators endpoint can now be used with the affiliation parameter to filter a repository's collaborators by affiliation type.

For access to the Organization Members APIs during the preview, developers need to provide a custom media type in the Accept header. As mentioned, GitHub encourages feedback during the preview period. For any questions or comments, reach out to the team at the community site. The blog post announcement includes links to more details on all new endpoints and endpoint changes. 

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