GitHub Launches Preview of Organization Project Permissions API

GitHub recently announced a preview release of its Organization Project Permissions API. The API endpoints give developers access to the same features available through GitHub's recently introduced organization project permissions system. The new system allows project owners to distribute permissions to group members based on need, to encourage greater collaboration in a customized manner.

GitHub launched the organization project permissions system because "sometimes projects aren't relevant to every organization member." The system allows organizations to grant permissions and access in a granular manner to increase collaborative efficiency. In typical GitHub fashion, the project itself was launched late last month, and API access was soon to follow.

The endpoints allow developers to manipulate both collaborators within an organization and on projects within a team. For each set of endpoints, developers can add, remove, and review members. Those looking to use the endpoints will need administrator access. The endpoints are only available for use with organization projects.

As mentioned, the API is currently under a preview period. To access and update during the preview, developers need to provide a media type in the accept header. The GitHub team encourages and questions and feedback here.

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