GitHub for Unity 1.0 Now Available

GitHub has launched GitHub for Unity 1.0. The Unity editor extension was launched in beta earlier this year. Now, just in time for Unite 2018 (the annual Unity developer conference), GitHub for Unity 1.0 is ready for download from GitHub or through the Unity Asset Store.

GitHub for Unity brings Git into Unity 5.6, 2017.x, and 2018.x. It includes an integrated sign-in experience for GitHub users. Two key features for game developers include support for large Git LFS files, and file locking. With such features, developers can manage large assets and scene files in a manner similar to code files. All of these features are accessed directly within Unity.

Improvements available in 1.0 include file locking improvements, diffing support, reduced package size, notification of updates, email sign in, improved Git and Git LFS support for Mac, and a Git action bar for essential operations. Those interested can check out all of the 1.0 improvements here.

GitHub will present GitHub for Unity at Unite 2018. Developers can contribute to the project at the GitHub for Unity repo. GitHub also encourages engaging with the project on Twitter (@GitHubUnity).

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