GitHub Universe 2019 Full of Product Announcements

This week at GitHub Universe 2019, GitHub made a number of announcements impacting its developer community. Headliner announcements include the general availability of both GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages and the launch of GitHub for mobile. For a complete list of announcements and recap of the annual developer conference, check out the GitHub Universe site.

GitHub launched Actions at GitHub Universe 2018 in a beta release. Now, GitHub Actions is generally available. As an open-source collaboration, Actions will set a new standard for building and sharing automation for software development. It includes a complete CI/CD solution and native package management. To learn more, visit the Actions docs.

GitHub Packages, formerly known as GitHub Package Registry, was introduced earlier this year in a beta release. Packages combine Source Code and packages in a single location. It includes integrated permissions management and billing. From Packages, developers can see details such as download statistics and history. It is now generally available and the GA version includes proxy support for the primary NPM registry (a feature commonly requested during the beta test).

GitHub has introduced a beta version of GitHub for mobile. Through the mobile version, developers can share design feedback, enter discussions and review code. The goal of GitHub for mobile is to ensure developers can stay in touch with project teams regardless of location.

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