GitHub Updates its Developer Program

GitHub has announced that its Developer Program is now open to all developers regardless of whether they have a paid or free GitHub account. GitHub has also now divided its Developer Program into three participation levels with each level providing an increasing number of benefits. The GitHub Developer Program provides access to the official GitHub API and developers have the option to join the Early Access Program to try out new GitHub features and functionality. The GitHub GraphQL API for example is available via the GitHub Developer Early Access Program.

Developers can use the GitHub API to integrate GitHub Platform capabilities and data with applications. Using the GitHub API, developers can build applications that can create, get, edit, and delete GitHub gists, repositories, projects, and other GitHub data. The API also allows applications to view, create, edit, and merge pull requests as well as include other GitHub functionality. There is also the GraphQL API (Early Access Program) which provides access to GitHub data typically using one API call. GraphQL is a method of building and querying APIs so that instead of making multiple REST API calls to retrieve specific data a single call can often be made to retrieve the data.

GitHub has updated its Developer Program so that it includes new benefits and has been divided into three participation levels; one, two, and three. Level one provides access to the GitHub API and the integrator community. Level one is for developers who are just getting started. Level two includes all the benefits of level one plus credits and network discounts. Level two is for developers who have already launched a successful application. Level three includes all the benefits of both levels one and two plus strategic consulting services from GitHub and Developer Program member spotlights. Level three is for developers who are maintaining their application and are thinking about scale.

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