Give A Little, Get A Lot With microPledge

microPledge enters the emerging market for small scale financial services.  This service allows everyday people to contribute to a common goal that requires something more than higher ideals: money!  It is geared specifically toward software development, which makes the microPledge API a niche offering.

The basic concept unfolds like this:  an idea is shared with the community, if that idea is seen to be valuable to others, they can put their money where their mouth is by pledging support.  Developers then provide quotes for the work that has been described in the project.  After some negotiating, the programming starts and the money changes hands.  Hopefully in the end everyone feels like they got a fair shake out of it.

The API is simple enough that it is fully explained in one page, including narrative!  There are helpful examples of each API call.  The one aspect missing from this API is the ability to pledge support.  That functionality is still reserved for visitors to the microPledge site.

This RESTful JSON formatted API is one of only 5 social finance APIs in the index.

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Comments (2)

The site sure looks alive, but the owner hasn't blogged about it in some time. There's definitely trouble with some of these homegrown APIs disappearing when their owners become overwhelmed or uninterested in keeping them up.

I liked the idea when I first saw it - but I think MicroPledge hasn't been active for 3 years when paypal shut them down. They might be able to restart under Amazon like kickstarter - but right now it is a dead site.