The API That Keeps on Giving

You want to give a big gift, but you have little money. Or maybe you just have a lot of friends or family members eager to pile in on your great gift idea. Either way, as Colleen Taylor writes in Techchrunch, can help corral your crowd and manage the money:

Given’s founder Michael Washington tells us that his company has made a Platform that lets people create wish lists of things that they actually want. Then, their friends and families can use Given to pitch in as little as $1 toward buying one of those items as a gift. These potential gifts go from physical items such as iPads, to digital items such as mobile apps, to actual experiences such as vacations. The entire thing is integrated with PayPal to ensure that the financial aspect is safe and secure. has branched out from solving the how-do-groups-pay-for-gifts problem to encompass incentives and rewards as well. They are currently focused on helping people buy apps as gifts. There's a refreshing honesty in the language of some start ups, and is a great example. Explaining how to use as an incentive, they eschew corporate speak to explain simply, "People are more likely to do what you want them to do when you bribe them."

The API returns JSON and uses OAuth. is serious about providing information on their API. First, there's the overview page that outlines the steps for opening an account and then using their API, complete with an " Integration showcase" that looks at how a coffee shop rewards customers with gift cards for apps. Then there's the API documentation outlining the POST requests.

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