Giving Digital Advertising The Tools To Thrive: Vizu API

With the average person spending a substantial amount of time online everyday and having access to at least one kind of mobile device, the field of digital advertising has an incredible opportunity to meet consumers face to face; on their personal devices. For this kind of advertising to reach its full potential, there needs to be an accurate way to measure its accuracy and effectiveness in order for it to be a lucrative part of a brand advertising budget. That's where Vizu and its Vizu API comes in - a tool for gathering real-time information about online customers and audiences.

Acquired by global market research and analytics company, Nielson, Vizu provides the solutions and technology to monitor and enhance brand advertising effectiveness. Vizu's real-time enterprise technology Platform gives advertisers a simple solution to get relevant metrics about the effectiveness of their campaigns and the impact they are having on their audiences in real-time, capturing things like audience characteristics via web polls or surveys, with results displayed in real-time on a web-based dashboard. In a nutshell, the tool is about ensuring that you're reaching the right people and finding the most relevant ways to influence their decisions; all with real-time metrics, without the need to wait around for weeks before seeing the effectiveness of that advertising.

In a article about Nielson's brand effect tools, Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, is quoted saying,

"Smartphones have transformed how consumers engage with entertainment, work and each other. For marketers, mobile presents an incredible opportunity for connecting with consumers wherever they are—on the go or at home. As mobile in-app advertising continues to evolve, having meaningful metrics will be key to advertisers investing with confidence and this medium reaching its full potential."


Vizu's API makes it possible for this data to be integrated with other applications, and offers the ability to pull both aggregated brand metric data as well as the complete raw exposure and survey data for any campaign. Public Documentation is not currently available, but developers can contact the company directly for further information.

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