The Giving Lab Gives Back

The Giving Lab considers itself a charity with hopes of making a difference. It's a network that aims to provide the more technical side of things in the mission to help charities reach their goals. The Giving Lab API is a big part of the technical side. The Giving Lab works with creative people, keen developers, charities and other companies to brainstorm and bring good and effective ideas to life. The goal is to constantly test and develop innovative ideas in order to make the process of raising money simple and engaging. The company has created tools that are designed for this very purpose - to make giving, fundraising and paying money to charity easy, regardless of which payment system is being used. The Giving Lab also encourages interested developers to play with the API and see what they come up with. The Giving Lab API is REST based, supporting appropriate GET, POST, PUT and verbs, and exposes campaign and group information management functionality. It allows developers to create applications that have the ability to plug-in donations to charities, create fundraising events and more. Developers who are interested in making use of the API will require an API key which is available on request on The Giving Lab website.

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