Glidera API Provides Bitcoin Buy Sell Functionality For Third Party Apps

For Bitcoin to become an everyday reality for most people, things like ease-of-use and a high level of security will be important for both business and individuals. Recognising this, Glidera is hoping to produce a service that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin easily and safely. The Glidera APITrack this API makes it possible for this functionality to be integrated with other applications.

Glidera makes it possible for users to buy Bitcoin with the touch of a button while using the wallet of their choice, and with a focus on security, the aim is for all financial transactions and data to be safe. Wallet Developers can use the API to provide their users with this enhanced functionality, thereby eliminating common issues such as users not being sure what to do when they see a zero BTC balance, users struggling with complicated transactions meant for professional traders, users regularly needing to wire money offshore, and so on. Glidera also handles interactions with legacy financial systems, and provides benefits such as regulatory compliance, bank transfers through the ACH system, fraud management and access to competitive conversion rates.

In order to access the Glidera RESTful API, developers will first need to create an account to manage their partner access keys. Further information and API documentation is available on Glidera’s website.

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