Gliffy API Lets You Get Diagrams and Flowcharts via Code

Gliffy, the fully browser-based diagramming and flowchart tool, today announced the public availability of their new API (technical details at our Gliffy API Profile). The four year old company announced the new API on its blog, noting that Gliffy hopes to take advantage of the growing trend of companies that are unlocking their APIs to extend the reach of their applications and data.


The RESTful API allows developers to integrate Gliffy's flowchart and diagram capabilities into a variety of mashups and applications. Currently there are client libraries available for PHP and Java, and the API also supports OAuth authentication.

Gliffy notes that developers have already produced two new applications based on the Gliffy API: a Wordpress plugin that integrates Gliffy diagrams into blog posts and a backup tool that enables users to create local backup copies of their Gliffy diagrams.

Documentation for the Gliffy API is available on the developer portal, including request parameters. Developers should note that an API key is required to access the service, and access is provided using a "freemium" model.

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[...] million jobs? Or an API to search 130,000 K-12 public and private schools in the US? Or an API for getting diagrams and flowcharts via code? Or perhaps an API that lets you search for live video streams. These are 4 of 7 newest entries in [...]


Also, Diagramly is another free online diagramming tool. It is JavaScript based, not Flash, doesn't limit the number of diagrams created for free, doesn't watermark exported images and has Visio import.


Has anyone done anything interesting with the Gliffy API? I've been waiting (sort of patiently!) for LucidChart ( to offer their API since the usability seems far ahead of Gliffy. They say they're coming so I'm waiting!