Gluecon Prepares for API-focused Developer Event

Next week’s Gluecon conference — being held in Broomfield, Colorado from May 20 - 22 — will see a bigger focus on APIs than ever before. ProgrammableWeb spoke with organizer Eric Norlin about the conference’s API scheduled events.

“Gluecon has been talking about APIs since day one -- six years ago -- and we're happy to be the place that has really become central to the API conversation,” Gluecon organizer Eric Norlin told ProgrammableWeb.

“It's funny -- we started Gluecon to talk about technologies that ‘glue’ things together,” he said. “That immediately brought cloud into the fold, and once we brought up cloud, the engineers only wanted to talk about one thing: APIs. The interest has been there from day one (2008). Over the years, I think Gluecon has become the vendor-neutral conference where folks that do APIs come together.”

This year’s event commences with a half-day “unconference" workshop hosted by the organizers of API Strategy and Practice. Participants have selected two discussion tracks for the 1-6 p.m. workshop, starting with a look at API discoverability and service descriptions. This will be followed by a second track on real-time, event-driven and Internet of Things APIs.

Gluecon is structured to include all-of-audience keynotes -- including John Sheehan from Runscope talking about why “API SDKs Will Ruin Your Life” and Lorinda Brandon covering “What We Need to Find Out About IoT” -- and topic streams on APIs, DevOps, security and cloud.

API-related conference sessions include:

  • Preventing malicious attacks on APIs (Ole Lensmar, SmartBear)
  • Enterprise scale API strategies (Sid Bhatia, IBM)
  • 10 reasons developers hate your API (John Musser, API Science)
  • API Discovery on the Web (Steve Willmott and Kin Lane)
  • Creating APIs in the enterprise (Sumit Sharma, MuleSoft).

Norlin is confident the program will appeal to all API developers: those developing and providing APIs, and developers more focused on integrating and consuming APIs into their products and applications. “I don't think we necessarily divide the two,” he said. “Gluecon is a developer-focused show. That means no panels, lots of power strips, great Wi-Fi, and the recognition that being a provider and a consumer happens in 99% of the cases.”

Participation at Gluecon, May 21-22 in Broomfield, Colorado, is still open. Developers can register on the event’s website.

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