Glympse API: Location Sharing With More Control

Location information sharing has become a quick and easy way for people to effortlessly let friends or family know where they, where to meet or even how far away they are from a particular destination. For those with an ever-increasing mobile lifestyle, this kind of functionality can prove to be quite useful. Glympse is one of these location information tools that uses a dynamic map to update a user's whereabouts in real time. Glympse also provides the Glympse API that may be interesting to developers who want to include real time location sharing in their applications or websites.


Glympse works by providing a mobile service that enables users to share their location via a web-based map, provided they are using a GPS-enabled mobile phone. The service makes it possible to share location details with specific people in a contact list, and using patent-pending, time-based GlympseWatch℠ technology, pre-set the period of time that information will be shared for. In a nutshell, it gives users control over exactly who they they want the information to go to, when and for how long. In addition, the system provides an auto shut off security feature that protects user from unintentionally broadcasting their location information at inappropriate times.


The company believes that by implementing Glympse into their products, developers can provide their users with more incentive to engage with their applications and ultimately increase their audience. The Glympse API makes this all possible, providing example API methods such as retrieving locations, sending locations, and managing account information. Developers will need to download the SDK, register their application, test the application with Glympse, request a production key, then ultimately go live. Further information is available on the Glympse developer site.


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