GMaps Pedometer, Now With Optional G

An early influential Google Maps mashup now gives users the chance to change mapping imagery. The GMaps Pedometer (our GMaps Pedometer mashup profile) has six different tile options, the most recent of which is OpenStreetMap, the free editable map of the world.

The feature was added in August and made the change so users could edit the maps:

If you see an error in a map on the OSM overlay, go to the main page for the Open Street Map project, and you will find a map much like the one on this page. That map will have an "edit" tab, and there is where you can make changes to the map. The learning curve for making changes is non-trivial, but your work will benefit everyone who uses the map your neighborhood after you. Changes you make will take a week or so to show up in the OSM overlay on

The default imagery is still the standard Google Map, but those with a penchant for openness can click the "OSM" button next to the other choices:
OSM on GMaps Pedometer

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Hat tip: Directions Magazine

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