Go Local and Win Big at YellowPages Developer Challenge

Getting access to good local data has been a challenge for developers. There is a huge opportunity for developers to integrate local data as people are increasingly using their mobile applications while on the move. If you have a killer idea for a local app and are looking at various data sources to integrate, you could give the newly updated US Yellow Pages API a try and win big in its developer contest.

Along with a new developer portal, the Yellow Pages API was transformed with the recent update. The API not only provides developers with access to millions of local business listings, coupons and map data but also does not impose any restrictions like link backs and promoted ads in the search results.

To encourage the use of the API, the company has created the YP Developer Challenge with the Grand Prize winner taking home not just $5,000 but a free trip to SXSW 2012. The winner will also get to showcase their application at the YP Developer Program booth. The contest is open from January 26 to February 19.

To get started with the API, visit the Developer Center and sign up for an account. The API documentation provides information on the different endpoints and methods available to a developer. The Rate Limits currently are set at 10,000 per day and an API key has to be provided in the API calls. Both XML and JSON data formats are supported.

Here is a sample API call to find ATMs 0.5 miles from the center of San Francisco city (by Lat/Lon)


So think local and win big at the YP Developer Challenge. For eligibility and contest rules, please refer to the rules page.

For more contests, refer to our API contests page.

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