GoDaddy Helps You Find Domain Names Using Bing Maps

Who says all the domain names are taken? Registrar GoDaddy has come up with a fun way to search for local website names by combining keywords and neighborhoods. The results are plotted on a map using the Bing Maps API.

Boston Geo Results

Once you find out some of the good names available, you may find yourself the proud owner of some new domain names. I tried searching for "pizza" in a couple cities and found several .coms matching a prominent neighborhood with pizza appended. For example, in New York City, is available, along with many others.

This is a smart service for GoDaddy, who obviously wants people to buy more domain names. It is also bound to be used by companies looking to ride the long tail of local search. Yelp, CitySearch or, more likely, one of their competitors, could buy up hundreds of those keyword-rich domains. With them, they could create microsites with information about the keyword, such as pizza, in each neighborhood.

GoDaddy has created a fun tool that's actually useful. What domain names did you find in your search?

Hat tip: Virtual Earth Blogs

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This is really cool! You rarely see innovation in the domain naming space. I think this will be extremely helpful for individuals looking for good names. I also recommend for finding great domain names. This site uses the "wisdom of crowds" allowing users across the world to submit domain name suggestions. The best suggestion wins a prize that is setup in advance by the contest holder, creating a win win situation for every one.

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