Gogobot Launches API Platform and Widget Tools

Gogobot, a popular travel planning and local discovery application, has launched a brand new API Platform as well as widget-building tools that can be used to add Gogobot content to websites and mobile applications. Developers can use Gogobot APIs to add reviews, recommendations, ratings, points of interest, and other Gogobot content to websites and third-party applications. Business owners can use Gogobot’s widget tools to add review badges and interactive maps to their websites.


Map widgets can be configured to show a list of places on the side of the map, filter places by categories, and more.

Gogobot describes itself as “the go-to place for places to go,” providing personalized recommendations, reviews, city guides, things to do, interactive maps, photos, and more to help people discover amazing places around the world and near their own hometown. Gogobot also features travel-planning tools, including real-time hotel price comparison (metasearch), collaborative travel itineraries, hotel booking, and OpenTable restaurant booking.

A feature unique to Gogobot is called “Tribes.” The Tribes feature allows logged-in users to define their traveling style by selecting the specific categories that interest them. Tribes takes into account the categories selected and provides personalized recommendations. There are currently nineteen Tribes categories which include art and design lovers, budget travelers, foodies, history buffs, business travelers, family travelers, and students. In a recent Bloomberg interview, Gogobot CEO and co-founder Travis Katz explained the concept of Tribes in detail.

Gotobot popularity has really taken off in the last few years. At the time of this writing, Gotobot has 16 million+ users, 4 million+ photos, 825,000+ reviews, and 60,000 city guides. In the Bloomberg interview, Katz mentions one of the reasons Gogobot’s popularity has risen so quickly:

“Travel is not just about booking a hotel in your price range, it’s really about the story that you want to remember. It’s about finding that narrow alley where you found a little café that had amazing coffee and home-baked bread, or the little boutique hotel that had a huge view over the city. Those are the things that people remember. Those are the things that you can’t find on other sites, and that’s what we’re wanting to do.”


Tribes helps Gogobot provide users with recommendations based on their own personal travel styles and interests.

Gogobot has opened their travel planning and local discovery platform to developers by releasing several APIs. The Gogobot Review API provides programmatic access to ranked reviews for hotels, restaurants, and things to do for tens of thousands of destinations. The Gogobot Search API allows applications to use the Gogobot search index to search for places located near specified latitude and longitude as well as retrieve points of interest (POI) information.

Business owners can use Gogobot widget tools to quickly and easily add review badges and interactive maps to their websites. The review widget tool allows business owners to add Gogobot review badges to the pages of their website. The map widget tool allows information-packed, interactive maps to be easily added to web pages. Map icons distinguish between places where people can eat, stay, and find things to do. When the icons are clicked, a pop-up card is displayed that contains information such as reviews, address, phone, hours of operation, and other place details. Configuration options for Gogobot maps include height and width, full-page map, left-sidebar places list, show-and-hide categories, and more. Gogobot maps can also be customized and integrated with websites using Gogobot APIs.

We reached out to Travis Katz, who provided additional information about the new Gogobot API platform and widget tools. Katz explained to ProgrammableWeb that the “Gogobot API platform is flexible and can be used in a variety of ways.” Live partner integrations that demonstrate how Gogobot APIs can be used include HomeAway, Leonardo Hotels, and Kiwi Collection. HomeAway used Gogobot APIs to build city guides and to build their own customized maps. Leonardo Hotels used the Gogobot API platform to add an interactive map to all of their website property landing pages. Kiwi Collection used the Gogobot Reviews API to power the hotel listings on their website.

“We know that whether you’re a major travel brand or an independent hotel or restaurant, increasing engagement with your customers is key,” Katz told ProgrammableWeb. “By providing businesses access to Gogobot’s API, they can enhance their customers’ experiences by adding high-quality Gogobot and Tribe-focused content to their sites.”

When map icons are clicked, a pop-up card with information about the place is displayed.

Katz told ProgrammableWeb that while the APIs are only available to approved developers/partners, the Gogobot widget tools can be used by anyone. He said that the Gogobot website has been updated so that all of the place pages, including city level pages, will display a link to the map widget tool. This allows users to quickly add interactive and informative maps of their favorite places to their own websites or blogs.

Katz said that the partner response to Gogobot’s new API platform and widget tools has been very positive. Partner feedback was also an important part of the API development process: the company added some API functionality at the request of developer partners. “We're thrilled to see well-known brands like HomeAway, Leonardo Hotels, and Kiwi Collection already leveraging integrations on their sites and look forward to bringing more partners in the travel space on-board in the coming months,” said Katz.

Developers interested in using Gogobot APIs can email the company to request access. Anyone who would like to embed Gogobot interactive maps or review badges on their web pages can use the Gogobot widget tools.

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