Goo Technologies Partners with Mozilla to Showcase the Power of Web Audio API

Goo Technologies, leader in HTML5 high-end graphics for interactive visualizations, has collaborated with Mozilla to create an interactive graphics and music application that demonstrates the features of the latest Firefox release. The demo, Songs of Diridum, showcases the Web Audio API utilized in the latest Firefox release. Before the Web Audio API, a third party was needed to effectively add audio to web apps (i.e. plugins, Flash, etc.). Web Audio embeds audio processing, filtering, and other modern audio features directly into applications.

Goo Technologies

Martin Best, Mozilla Game Platform Strategist, commented:

“The Web Audio API now joins Mozilla-pioneered technologies such as asm.js and WebGL in Firefox, demonstrating the Web is now a robust platform for creating and distributing stunning games, previously impossible without plugins."

Goo Technologies has set out to revolutionize the web through the use of HTML 5. Goo aims to offer seamless access to all interactive games and applications directly in a browser. Mozilla represented a prime candidate to partner with as Mozilla produces one of the most forward thinking browsers on the planet. With the latest release of Firefox, Mozilla enabled Goo's platform to truly showcase in-browser capabilities.

Web Audio constitutes a JavaScript API. It is used for processing and synthesizing audio directly in web applications. Web Audio was first introduced to HTML with the release of HTML 5 and Web Audio remains in its introductory stages. Developers like Goo Technologies are currently hacking away to push Web Audio's limits and drive its development.

Mozilla and Goo both believe we are on the cusp of a new internet, driven by advances such as the Web Audio API. Marcus Krüger, Goo Founder and Executive Chairman, summarized: "HTML5 is really coming together, and with both console quality graphics and sound in the browser, it opens up a new range of games and apps being delivered on the Web without any boundaries."

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