GooCams, Smarkets, and Petrol

The blogosphere was ripe with new mashups yesterday and about a dozen contributors have added links here within the past week. Here are some of note:

  • Find the best petrol prices in Ireland via this interactive Google Map. [via]
  • Power Map: Google Maps for geeks. Provides a web based interface to much of the underlying Google Maps API. Adds other nice features like distance measurement and movement tracking. From Rupert Scammell. [via]
  • Smarkets A prediction market for Amazon products. Each new product added becomes a "stock". If a product's Amazon's sales rank improves, its stock price goes up. And vice-versa. Traders buy, sell, short, and cover. [via]
  • Goocam: This is a Google map of unprotected/open camera streams obtained from Google searches. The IP addresses for each camera's url has been mapped to its Geo-location. Sometimes loads slowly and some cams are NSFW.
  • Runway Finder: A flight planning tool for pilots based on Google Maps. Shows airports near your current location, with colour coding for weather conditions reported in METARs, as well as TFR outlines. [via]

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