Good Old Fashioned Shopping Just Got High Tech: Estimote API

Online shopping is booming, but that's not to say that the physical retail store is irrelevant. In fact, people still enjoy the physical shopping experience and a large percentage of transactions are still made in store as opposed to online. Bearing this in mind, the ability to interact and communicate with customers in this environment has huge benefits. Estimote is a sensor-based analytics and engagement Platform that is designed to communicate with smart phone users in stores, and get a better understanding of how they behave and engage with products. The Estimote API provides the means for this technology to be integrated with other applications.


Estimote's main product, the Estimote Beacons, are small, wireless sensors that can be placed anywhere in a physical location; at the entrance to a store, on a product shelf, in a restaurant and so on. How it works is that signals are able to be picked up by a customer's smartphone, triggering a variety of actions such as welcoming the customer into the store, notifying them of deals that may appeal to them and more. Each beacon has a built-in Bluetooth® 4.0 chip and can run for up to two years on just one coin battery. They transmit 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® signals and can communicate with smartphones from four inches to 30 feet away.


With a tool like this, the opportunities to improve overall customer experience, understand the consumer's preferences and ultimately increase revenue are vast. The provision of the Estimote API offers exciting possibilities for developers to create applications that use this data and take the concept even further. Public Documentation is not currently available, so interested developers should get in touch with the company directly for more information.

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