Good Technology Offers API Providers Access to Enterprise Mobility Platform

New data on enterprise mobility uptake suggests the industry is just taking off. Current opportunities for developers are in the utilities and energy and financial services sectors, with business intelligence and social business being key application use cases. Good Technology - which publishes an enterprise mobility quarterly report - is already leveraging the results to guide their industry partnerships and new products. ProgrammableWeb spoke with VP of Marketing, John Dasher, about how Good Technology is enabling API providers to access new enterprise customers from their mobile and cloud-based security platforms.

Enterprise Mobility Trends

Each quarter, Good Technology release the Mobility Index Report, with figures from Q4 2013 launched recently for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The report aims to document the growth of mobile apps and platforms, particularly amongst enterprise customers. By the end of 2013 and into Q1 2014, Good Technology observe the following trends:

  • 54% growth rate each quarter in enterprise uptake of mobile apps
  • Enterprises are migrating away from Blackberry and further towards iPhone and Android devices
  • Document editing, while continuing to be the key feature used in enterprise apps is slowing in growth as enterprises start building in new capabilities into their workforce apps, including use of business intelligence and supporting secure browsing within enterprise apps.

“What we are seeing from the customer base, is that many customers have had time to deploy some core functionality, like email, but straight after that, you suddenly get flooded with what’s next,” John Dasher, VP of Product Marketing at Good Technology told ProgrammableWeb. “They think, ‘Gee, now that I can get email, I want a way to view and annotate documents, or create documents from scratch’. So we see have seen document capabilities as really big in the what’s next category.

“There are very logical next steps for enterprise with things like SharePoint, note taking, we are also seeing a little more recognition that there are some long-standing processes that are really easy to handle with good off-the-shelf apps. Normally enterprises have things like proposals, contracts, renweals, and if I give them access to my PDF Library on SharePoint and something like iAnnotate, then maybe i can use something like DocuSign to enable electronic signatures. I am field-enabling if you will so that a business can seize the day, as it were.”

Cybercrime solved by mobile uptake

Perhaps counterintuitively, Good Technology are seeing a growth in mobile enterprise usage as companies grapple with making systems more secure.

“We are seeing the increase in cybercrime leading to more deep thinking around how to secure mobile devices,” says Dasher. “It is really forcing a renewed interest in that it is not just about the data on a device, but the certificates on a device that enables access to a wider systems.

“Part of this is a question of timing, mobility is taking off anyway, but the idea that you can really constrain the mobile device, where the data flows. From a security standpoint, mobile can be easier to control, as security was designed in from day one, so that’s one of the reasons that there’s a lot of opportunities to move from less secure desktop environments to more secure, mobile operating systems."

API providers leveraging Good Technology Platform

One of the benefits of being listed within the Good Dymnamics marketplace, has been that API providers have had the potential to gain access to Good’s enterprise customer base. Now that platform is being extended with a cloud-based service, Good Pro.

“With the Good Dynamics secure mobility platform, most of our customers demand we provide an on-premises solution. But we are seeing attitudes evolve fairly quickly. Our new service Good Pro is built on top of our secure mobility platform. All we did was take that platform and cloud-enabled it. It was architected from day one but now it is available as a standalone offering," Dasher said.

New partnerships

Along with the release of the enterprise mobility report and Good Pro platform, Good Technology have been working to create new business partnerships and to acquire leading industry technology providers. This includes Boxtone (“They have been a partner with us for 14 - 16 months, we have been selling their products, we have had some of our staff co-located with them for some time. So we announced our intention to take over Boxtone, and we are super excited about that,” Dasher said). They are also partnering with Samsung and have just signed a deal with Tech Data “to take advantage of the 120,000 resellers in the US” and also partnered with Telis in Canada, “who have a ton of hardcore enterprise experience”.

For businesses building enterprise solutions and for API providers looking to enter the holy grail enterprise market, Good Technology may be a useful platform to consider, or at the very least, an interesting leader to watch to see how they are building new business relationships.

By Mark Boyd. Mark is a freelance writer focusing on how we use technology to connect and interact. He writes regularly about API business models, open data, smart cities, Quantified Self and e-commerce. He can be contacted via email, on Twitter, or on Google+.

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