Good Technology Simplifies Workflow Across Mobile Apps

The typical workflow in the enterprise spans multiple applications. But in the age of mobile computing it’s not always as easy as it should be to craft a workflow that spans multiple applications. Moving to address that specific issue Good Technology today updated the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform with a new activation code capability that creates an “activation delegate” for every application a user accesses on the Platform.

John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy for Good Technology, says that rather than forcing developers to compromise usability in the name of security these activation delegates manage security transparently to the end user. Every time a user opens a new application the identity of that user is validated against the activation delegate information stored on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform.

Herrema says this capability means that many organizations for the first time will be able to easily craft workflows that span multiple mobile computing applications without forcing end users to manually log into every application that constitutes a particular workflow inside that enterprise.

Coupled with Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD) support in the Good Dynamics Platform, Herrema says end users can now also have single sign-on access to all Good-secured apps on the device and behind-the-firewall resources without having to constantly re-enter network credentials on the device.

In addition, the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework can now publish common enterprise capabilities – such as business intelligence, expense handling, inventory management, payment processing, etc. - as server-based services, which developers can then use to add additional capabilities into their mobile applications.

Organizations, says Herrema, can also extend the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework out to legacy enterprise applications in a way that makes them more accessible to developers, which Herrema says is critical because most organizations are not going to be able to invest the time and resources required to rewrite legacy applications.

Available both on premise and as a cloud service, Good Technology has been steadily building up an ecosystem of developers that encompasses more than 1,300 applications, By making it easier to securely access backend services, Good Technology clearly wants to extend the reach of its platform within enterprise IT environments that often struggle with how to replicate existing application workflows across mobile computing devices.

As such, it’s not just deploying and supporting mobile computing devices and the applications that run on them that is driving a lot of IT organizations to distraction; it’s figuring out how to integrate those systems within complex sets of business processes that in many cases have been in place for multiple decades.

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