Goodbye Google SOAP API

There's been quite a buzz in the blogosphere over the past two days since Brady Forrest over at the O'Reilly Radar blog pointed out that Google deprecated their SOAP search API (see also Philipp Lenssen). If you go to the SOAP Search API homepage you'll see the message "As of December 5, 2006, we are no longer issuing new API keys for the SOAP Search API. Developers with existing SOAP Search API keys will not be affected." Instead, Google is recommending that developers use their Ajax Search API (an example of which is shown below).

The ensuing reaction from developers and observers has been quite vocal as you can see at Techmeme. Some saying it's the beginning of the end for open web data APIs, others say it's good discipline, a retreat to Web 1.0, or perhaps not surprising. Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet looks at the impact and asks Will Microsoft stay its search API course?. Martin LaMonica over at CNET gives this good recap.


The Google Search API entry is one of the early entries here at ProgrammableWeb. It has now been updated to reflect this change in status.

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It is a shame that Google goes this way IMHO.

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