Goodbye Resume, Hello Social Network Data Mining

We’ve all heard it before.  Be careful what you do on social networks because your employer, teacher, business partner or spiritual guru might find out about it.  Well now they won’t just find out about it, they’ll ask you to please allow Reppify to access your social network information so that you can be evaluated.  Reppify will create a report on you, based on your social network activity, and sum it all up in a numerical ranking.  The Reppify API will allow this technology to be integrated into other social network monitoring services like RainMaker.

In today’s world it seems that the resume is disappearing from the interviewing scene.  Maybe this is only a factor for the technology sector, but tech-savvy people are putting so much information about themselves out there on the internet that all an interested party needs to do is tap into the right APIs to collect it all together.  The RainMaker API does not require consent from the person targeted for the profile, and so can only garner publicly available information.  Reppify, on the other hand, requires consent which targeted persons are likely to grant if it is seen as a condition of employment.  Will more people be willing to turn over their privacy for the chance at employment in these tough economic times?  I think so.

Reppify is one of 5 reputation APIs in our directory.

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