GoodStorm, Capitalism Done Right

Goodstorm, or "capitalism done right" as their tag line says, have released v2.0 of their API. Product-wise their big addition is on the MP3 side where "developers now have access to 2.5 million tracks from IODA, the Orchard, CD Baby, InGrooves and several other music distributors and labels." Along with that is access to a lot of metadata: "The MP3 API includes detailed artist, album, and track information -- including reviews and bios -- along with preview clips for every track. The book, CD, and DVD API provides metadata such as artist/author, title, subtitle, annotation, subject, genre, and more."

And why do they argue they are the "progressive ecommerce company"? Because in their MeCommerce program 50% of profit is passed-through to affiliates, or in this case, developers. For more details see TechCrunch and the Financial Times (PDF).

To help generate interest in their new-and-improved API, this week they kicked-off a new developer contest. First prize is $1,000, second is $500 in free downloads, and third is an iPod Nano. Deadline is December 15th. The contest is now added to the ProgrammableWeb /contests page.

See their Programmable Web API entry.

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