The Goodzer API and Billions of Products: The Revenge of Bricks and Mortar Retail?

Need to buy a real ladder rather than climb a career ladder in Manhattan, but don't know where to shop? Or maybe you need the latest electronic gadget. Or maybe one of a few other billion possibilities?  Goodzer can show you just where to buy --in Manhattan and anywhere else in the US, for that matter--and buy almost anything else while you are at it. With over 2.5 billion products listed in over half a million stores throughout the US, finding what you need in the bricks and mortar world could approach the convenience of online shopping--without the shipping delay. Now, the Goodzer API will integrate them into your mobile or web Platform to get shoppers where they need to go. Documentation is available once you sign up for an API key.

The graphic below is a result of my search for a ladder in Times Square. There were in fact so many ladders listed that I had to narrow the radius of the search and refine it further to get as few selections as appear below (both actions very easy to accomplish).

According to the press release in sfgate, Goodzer aims to solve a big problem for shoppers: "only 5% of local inventory is currently visible in product search engines."

The API, which is free to developers, will enable online publishers, local-search sites, social communities and mobile apps to instantly enrich their search inventory with previously unavailable and hard-to-find results, particularly with goods from local merchants and small mom ‘n’ pop shops. The API can also be used by local check-in services and loyalty programs to enhance their offerings and content. ...The major benefit to the local merchant: having their products published on Goodzer and in this newly announced API requires absolutely no effort of the retailers.

Covering every type of outlet from "mom-and-pop" stores to big chains, Goodzer looks set to deliver.

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