Goodzer Offers Local Services With 2 Million New Locations

Goodzer is an app that gives consumers the ability to search and find deals on local products. Last month Goodzer announced that it plans to increase its number of featured locations from 500,000 to 2.5 million. This data expansion is coupled by the recent opening of services to be catalogued alongside goods. 

Goodzer scrapes online product data with crawling Artificial Intelligence, using automated ads to drive in-store visits for products. The data collection algorithms had to be innovatively redesigned to consume information on services, as service description can be more complex than conistently formatted product taxonomy.

Such a large data increase with “enhanced local services content” makes store location and service hunting with Goodzer more viable for consumers, and more profitable for store owners. 
The Goodzer API allows access to this data and is available for developers to integrate into their services.

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Services Join Products in Goodzer’s Local Marketing Platform