Google Acquires Apigee for $625 Million

Today, Google announced its acquisition of Apigee for $625 million. Google continues to produce some of the most popular APIs within ProgrammableWeb's API directory. Given Google's API economy innovations like gRPC, as well as last week's announcement regarding Google Cloud Endpoints, an API management offering like Apigee could make for a natural fit as it was an area that Google was not particularly strong at.

"We're excited about adding Apigee to Google," Diane Greene, Google SVP of cloud businesses, commented in a press release. "Companies are moving beyond the traditional ways of communicating like phone calls and visits and instead are communicating programmatically through APIs."

Adding to Greene's comments, Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO, describes Apigee's primary business goal as a "mission to connect the world through APIs." Kapoor believes Google is a good fit to further Apigee's mission. According to Forrester, the API management sector is expected to quadruple in growth by 2020 with US companies expected to spend $3 billion by that time.

Google's acquisition of Apigee is the third such acquisition of an API management pure-play in approximately one year's time; the others being Red Hat's acquistion of 3Scale and Tibco's acquisition of Mashery from Intel.

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