Google Adds 40+ New Metrics and Dimensions to Analytics Core Reporting API

Google has just announced that over 40 new metrics and dimensions have been added to the Google Analytics API. The new data points can be queried using the Core Reporting API and allow developers to create reports similar to those found in the Google Analytics Web interface.

The Google Analytics Core Reporting API was launched in December 2011 as a replacement for the Data Export API. The latest version is 3.0 and provides access to most of the report data in Google Analytics. With the Core Reporting API, dimensions and metrics can be queried and used to create custom dashboards that use and visualize Google Analytics data.

Google Analytics

Image Credit: Google Analytics

Here are some of the new metrics that have been added to the Analytics Core Reporting API per Google:

  • App Tracking - Data that is found in Mobile App tracking SDK reports.
  • Social Data - Offsite activity data from Social Data Hub partners and data from onsite social interaction tracking from social buttons.
  • Geo / Network - Data that shows the designated market area from where traffic originated.
  • Device / Platform - Data that comes from the user device of the collected data.

Google Analytics provides tools that let you track a variety of analytics including content, social, mobile conversion and advertising. Using the Analytics API, developers can integrate Google Analytics data with other business applications to create powerful marketing analysis tools.

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