Google Adds Installation Scope to the Drive SDK, Retires Documents List API v3

Google has just announced the addition of a new feature to the Google Drive SDK: the Drive installation scope. The Drive installation scope is a new OAuth 2.0 scope available via the Drive API that lets users install an app by approving an access request.

This new feature makes it possible for developers to program their apps and app promotion pages to ask users for permission to install the app in their Google Drive.

It is no longer necessary to use Chrome Web Store Integration for Drive apps. However, Google still recommends that developers create a Chrome Web Store listing for their Drive applications.

For more information on the types of scopes available or the type of scopes that should be used by your app, visit the Google Drive SDK Scopes Page.

To see some examples of third-party Drive apps, read "Your favorite apps, with Google Drive (Part 1)" at the Drive Blog.

Google is Retiring the Documents List API v3

Google has also announced that the Google Documents List API v3 is being deprecated in lieu of the arrival of the new Google Drive API v2. The Google Drive API covers the functionality of the Documents List API and includes some improvements. Per Google:

"The Documents List API v3 will remain in action for more than a year, as per our deprecation policy, so there’s no rush, but we encourage you to migrate your code to the new Platform."

A migration guide has been made available to help developers switch to the new Google Drive API v2.

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