Google Adds New Controls to Maps API

Google has announced new controls for its Google Maps APITrack this API. Controls are User Interface elements that will feel familiar to those who have used the Google Maps website. Users utilize controls to navigate around a map and engage with the map in a desired manner. The controls available through the Google Maps API allow users to change visibility, position, style, and behavior.

Most of the controls Google announced were already available via signed-in maps. However, with the announcement, Google turned on the controls by default. The controls are now available for maps that are signed-in and those that are not. Some basic visual changes were made to existing controls as well, including the position, color, and size of certain controls (e.g. the zoom control feature has moved to the bottom right instead of the top left).

The built-in controls available through the Google Maps API include Zoom control, Map Type control, Street View control, Rotate control, and Scale control. Zoom alters the zoom level. Map Type allows users to choose between roadmap, satellite, hybrid, or terrain. Street View allows a Pegman to be dragged to a spot where Street View is enabled. Rotate provides both tilt and rotation capabilities for oblique imagery. Scale displays the map scale element. For more details, visit the Controls overview

For those interested in sticking with the older control styles, API versions 3.22 and 3.23 will remain available for a bit longer. However, in August 2016, the older versions will no longer be available. For specific details on Versioning affect on each control, visit the developer documentation.

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