Google Adds Temporary Closures Field to Places API

Google has added temporary closures functionality to the Google Maps Places APITrack this API. Whether a business is closed for a season in the ordinary course of business, or it is temporarily closed in response to a global pandemic, the new feature provides real-time, operational information about a business.

The feature is available through a new field: business_status. The field has three possible values: OPERATIONAL, CLOSED_TEMPORARILY, CLOSED_PERMANENTLY. If the operational status is unknown when called, the field is not returned.

Business_status can be accessed through both Place search and Place details requests. Calls to Nearby Search and Text Search will by default return business_status details if available. The business_status feature is also included in the Places autocomplete widget.

Prior to the addition of this feature, the Places API included a permanently_closed field. The limitation of this field was its inability to distinguish between temporary closures and permanent closures. Because this field is currently used by many apps, it will continue to be available for the time being, but Google encourages developers to switch to the business_status field. Check out the blog post announcement to learn more.

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