Google Ads API Now Production Ready

The Google Ads API is now production ready. The new API is Google's replacement to its Google AdWords API. The Ads API has been in beta testing as v0, but will now be available for production environments as v1. Google intends to sunset v0 on April 30, 2019.

Google pitches the Ads API as a more modern API than its AdWords predecessor. Developers can access the API via GRPC. Soon, all features from the AdWords API will be incorporated within the Ads API, so developers won't have to sacrifice any functionality to make the switch.

New features available in the Ads API, and NOT available in the AdWords API, include Google Ads Query Language, immediate updates for query returned objects, more intuitive coding, querying/managing budgets, more recommendation options, more detailed change status, and more. Check out the API docs to learn more.

Developers can use their existing AdWords API token with the Ads API. To help get developers started, Google has published a number of guides and resources. They include workshops, release notes, API guides, migration guides, client libraries, and an API reference. Join the conversation at the Ads API forum.

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