Google AdSense API Now Lets Blogger Users Make More Money

It only seems right that people blogging via Blogger would be able to take advantage of AdSense features for their blogs - both are Google products, after all. Now they can. Google has used their AdSense API to provide more built-in monetization options for its Blogger members.

Blogger users could already place AdSense ads in the body of their posts, but now with the addition of a "Monetize" tab in the control panel, placing and tracking AdSense ads should be much easier.


From Blogger Buzz:

"The current Monetize tab allows you to apply for an AdSense account (or link your Blogger blog to an existing AdSense account). You can then choose where to place ads on your blog, and once ads start appearing on your blog, review your earnings. We use the AdSense API to pull your live earnings data from your AdSense account, so now it's easy to check how your revenues are doing without leaving the Blogger interface."

If you're a developer for a blog that runs over 100,000 site visitors a month, you can take advantage of Google's Adsense API resources for your site. If you'd rather just pick up an AdSense account for your site, keep in mind that not every AdSense application will be approved. To check the eligibility requirements, visit Google's Adsense Help Pages.

See our Google AdSense API Profile for more on the API.

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