Google Aligns Places API with Maps Search Results

This week, Google answered the call from many in the developer community to better align Google Places API search results and search results from Google MapsTrack this API. To achieve such consistency, Google has integrated the Places API with Google Maps search. Google believes the integration will lead to better search quality across the API responses.

With the integration comes new restrictions on place type within the Places API web service and JavaScript library. Now in effect, Google replaced the old types restriction parameter with a new type search parameter. Developers that had implemented types parameter for Nearby Search, Text Search, or Radar Search will be affected by the change. While type search operates similarly to the types restriction, type search supports only one type per request. 

Requests the utilize the types parameter or those that specify multiple types will continue to return results until February 16th of next year. However, Google encourages developers to migrate away from such requests as soon as possible. Single type requests is the chosen path moving forward and developers should consider and adjust accordingly.

Finally, Google has amended the list of supported types. Establishment, food, health, general_contractor, finance, and place_of_worship will no longer be available as searchable types after February 16th of next year. The types will continue to return in search and details results. See the complete list of supported types for more details. 

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