Google Announces the “Kotlin-First” Approach for Android Development

Chet Haase, Developer Advocate at Google, announced the Kotlin-first approach to Android development during his portion of the developer keynote presentation on day 1 of the yearly Google I/O developer conference. Google’s intention is to position Kotlin as the favored programming language for Android application development moving forward.

According to Haase, “Android is becoming increasingly Kotlin-first, with many new JetPack API’s being introduced first for Kotlin developers. We also think that if you have a new project that you’re starting, you should be doing it in Kotlin because, frankly, there’s less to type, less to test and less to maintain.”

As part of the Kotlin-first initiative, the company will ship a new library for Kotlin Development named, JetPack Compose. JetPack is a set of API’s designed to accelerate Android development. JetPack Compose allows developers to create modern reactive style web programs comparable to React Native and Vue.js.

In support of Kotlin-first, Google is working with the software tools company, JetBrains to deliver a series of global educational events titled, Kotlin Everywhere. Kotlin Everywhere sessions will be held worldwide in the US, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, South America, Europe and Central Africa.

Presently 50% of professional Android developers use Kotlin and it’s the fastest growing language on GitHub. Still, Haase reiterated that Google is committed to investing in and supporting Java and C++ for Android. Haase stated, “We have always been committed on Android to compatibility and interoperability in our ecosystem.”

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What about Dart and Flutter? It would be nice to hear from Google as to how they position these two software ecosystems relative to each other and the future. If anyone knows where they explain this, please link.